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Sutton's ComposTumbler®
3 Easy Steps to make Compost
The Sutton ComposTumbler® is manufactured by us at our Wairau Rd premises, from a variety of materials, galvanized steel, colour steel and plastic.

STEP1: Fill it!
Open your ComposTumbler® door, and throw in all pulled weeds ... grass clippings kitchen waste ... overripe crops dead flowers shredded prunings, just about any kind of organic material you can find. Close the door and start dreaming about the great section and garden that you're going to have.
STEP2: Turn it!
Within hours the "magic" begins. Millions of oxygen-consuming bacteria go to work. Because the greatest activity occurs in the inner core, the secret of the 14 day compost is to change this core daily. So with the 'easy to turn' handle, rotate your compost drum 5 revolutions once a day. This mixes and aerates your organic material to build up a heat core (of up to 70 degrees C.) to speed decomposition and even kill weed seeds!
    STEP3: Use it!
After 14 days, remove the drum door, rotate the drum, and empty the rich, sweet smelling compost into your barrow that conveniently fits under the frame of the ComposTumbler. It's ready to use to help build your soil and boost the health and productivity of all your plants from your favourite flowers and tasty tomatoes to the fern in your living room! In a traditional backyard compost pile, it would have taken 6 months or more (and much backbreaking work!) to get compost and it wouldn't be the superior quality of your ComposTumbler compost!

What's So Great about compost made in the Sutton's ComposTumbler®
It is superior more nutrient-rich compost than you can get from a messy, smelly, fly infested compost pile, because the nutrients can't leach into the ground.
Builds disease resistance in all kinds of plants!
Rewards you with bigger yields and better quality vegetables and beautiful flowers!
As a mulch it virtually smothers annoying weeds, retains moisture in your soil, feeds your growing plants, and stabilises soil temperatures to ensure steady, healthy plant growth.
  • Offers you a smart recycling solution for your organic waste, more important than ever in these days of over-flowing landfills!
  • Builds humus, living, actively decaying organic matter in your soil, that improves soil structure, texture, fertility, drainage and aeration.
  • Makes hard clay more airy, so it drains better and moderates the soil temperature.
  • Wont harm kids, pets or the environment, it's completely safe and natural, unlike many store bought fertilisers.
  • Lets you make your own superior 'custom' potting soil that grows hardier, healthier house plants!
  • Acts as an attractive mulch that feeds your soil while it helps to keep your garden looking tidy.
  • It is easy to make, you will have finished compost in just 14 days!
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