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An amazing thing happened last week.
My son wanted to borrow a chainsaw, and the only one I had was an old Echo 302 which was last used in 2006, and been sitting on a shelf ever since. Both the fuel and Oil tanks were full and had "STA-BIL" stabilizer added. I told my son that he could have the saw, but it would probably need new pipes and diaphragms. The fuel seemed to be reasonably fresh; when fuel breaks down it turns to Turpentine with its strong odor, this rots the pipes, diaphragms and causes corrosion. In the case of 2 strokes the Turps also breaks down the oil. My son pulled the rope 5 times, and much to our surprise the Echo started. It ran a little rough at first but soon settled down to a perfect idle, even starting on idle. The oil was also pumping through to the bar. The only thing that needs doing is to repair a hole in the muffler.

The manufacturers of "STA-BIL" claim that it will preserve the fuel for two years. The fuel and oil in the Echo were seven years old!
"STA-BIL" is essential for the home handyman where machines like hedge trimmers, chainsaws, line trimmers, spend most of their time sitting. Often they are damaged and need an expensive service before they can be used again.
The procedure is quite simple. Before storing the machine fill the fuel tank, to expel the air, with fresh fuel containing "STA-BIL" additive. In the case of chainsaws I also add "STA-BIL" to the chain bar oil. The oil tank should also be full.
  "STA-BIL" is also available for Diesels, and is very economical to use.
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