Repairs - Gardening Aids Ltd . 137 Wairau Road Auckland

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Our Repair shops.
We have fully equipped repair shops at Wairau Rd and Albany Village. There are hoists to manage the Ride-on mowers and Tractors.

Our staff attend update training courses and are fully qualified to handle all types of repairs. With the experience of 100 years, (accumulated), available for the trick ones, we are able to cope with just about anything.
** PRE BOOK your machine in for a full service and get a free oil change AND spark plug
Repair Booking form for Gardening Aids Limited

ave yourself Money!
There are several ways to save money when booking a machine in for repair:
  • Give us the full story and any unusual sounds, smells, heat, behavior, anything which may help with a diagnosis.
  • Bring everything with you, hoses, extension cords, RCD's, chargers etc.
  • Do not insist on a quote. If we have to strip a machine to make a Quote, the job often becomes uneconomic. It is our policy to give a quote if we consider that the repair will cost more than 30% of the cost of the machine, or if its general condition makes it a doubtful proposition.
  • Enroll for a Customer Advantage Card and qualify for discounts and privileges current at the time.

NOTE: If you request a Quote, you will be charged $75.00 which is included in the repair if it goes ahead, or if a new one is purchased from us. You will also be required to agree that the machine may be returned in a dismantled state. It is impossible to re-assemble a machine without replaceing gaskets, "O" rings etc.

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