Silky Bigboy Large Teeth Saw

Silky Bigboy Large Teeth Saw

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The SILKY BIGBOY LARGE TEETH saw is a well balanced, multi-purpose folding saw, designed for a greater reach. Available in Large, Extra Large, Medium, Fine teeth, it travels well to wherever big work needs to be done, and the long 360mm blade provides faster cutting and accommodates large limbs and small trunks. This saw is great for forestry and arborist work as well as general pruning, and you'll love the non-slip rubberized cushioned comfort handle for complete control. The Bigboys are known for their superior quality finish, and are ideal for cutting big jobs down to size.


  • Blade Length - 360mm
  • Large Teeth - 7 teeth per 30mm (5.9 teeth per inch)
  • Weight - 450g
  • Kerf (width of material that is removed by the cut) - 1.7mm
  • Non-set tooth design - taper ground blade designed to reduce resistance giving smoother, easier and faster cutting performance
  • Mirai-Me finish - 4 cutting angles along the blade length
  • Impulse hardened teeth - heated instantly and hardened, designed to stay sharper three times longer than non-hardened teeth
  • Hard chrome plated blade producing high durable surface and resistance to rust and the effects of resin
  • Specially designed GOM rubber handle which reduces vibration and offers superior grip
  • Exceptional strength and balance
  • Superior quality finish
  • Made in Japan
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty