Heron 3.0kW Hybrid Generator

Heron 3.0kW Hybrid Generator

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A hybrid generator??? Yup that's right: a Heron portable generator that not only runs on petrol but LPG and NG as well. All you need to do is connect one of the alternate fuel supplies, open the LPG/NG stop cock and close the petrol one then flick a switch and the generator does the rest. The beauty of using LPG/NG is the issue of condensation in the fuel disappears, perfect for a backup power supply system. No need to start the generator every few months to ensure there is no build-up of water in the fuel. Don't be fooled by the price. These generators are top of their class. For 25 years they have been powering jobsites, events and houses all over Europe. They have a proven track record of dependability, longevity and durability that spans the European continent and more recently Central and South America. Each one of our generators has been designed with the most efficient and up to date technology, guaranteed to meet and exceed your expectation, whatever your portable power requirements are. The 7Hp motor is more powerful than our previous versions while giving great performance in a simple and compact package.


  • The output voltage is controlled the AVR (Automated Voltage Regulator), this system protects your electrical devices from damage provided it is connect to the generator properly.
  • The digital multifunction screen can display operating hours, voltage, and frequency.
  • The electric start is powered by a long life AGM maintenance-free battery which is recharged by the generator during operation.


  • voltage/frequency: 230V/50Hz

  • number of phases: 1ph
  • max. power: 3.0kW
  • rated power: 2.7kW
  • max. power on LPG: 3.0kW
  • rated power on LPG: 2.7kW
  • max. power on NG: 2.8kW
  • rated power on NG: 2.5kW
  • cylinder volume: 208ccm
  • max. engine power: 5.2kW(7Hp)@4000 rpm
  • starting: Electric/Recoil
  • fuel: Petrol, LPG, NG
  • AC rated current: 11.7A(Petrol & LPG), 10.9A(NG)
  • DC rated current: 8.3A/12V
  • weight: 48kg
  • dimensions (h x w x d): 61X46.5X64.5cm
  • measured acoustic power (7m distance): 96dB