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Line Trimmers (petrol)

Sparta 25TR
Lightweight and easy to handle like electric trimmers, but without the restriction of a mains cable.
Equipped with a clutch, permitting better control of the machine, greater protection for the motor and perfect results even in long grass. Cable Drive.
Sparta 25
Domestic brush cutters for tidying gardens. These light and easy-to-handle machines are able to keep vibrations to an absolute minimum as they are fitted with self-lubricating bushings on the transmission shaft, whilst the engine and the grip have been kept separate. The forged-steel drive shaft and connecting rod guarantee dependable performance and long life. Shaft & Gear Drive.
Model Details
  • Displacement 25.4cc
  • Clutch Yes
  • Fuel Tank 0.75l
  • Weight 4.5Kg - 6.2Kg

  • OLEOMAC 725T ERGO    

    Both Model Details
    • Displacement 25.4 cc
    • Tube dia 24 mm
    • Grip Bull handle/Single
    • Clutch Yes
    • Fuel Tank 0.58 L
    • Weight 4.8 / 4.6 Kg
    The only difference between these is that 725T has a T bar handle and the 725S has a loop.

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