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Hedge Trimmers (Petrol)

The ease of use is made possible thanks to an anti-vibration system which completely isolates the handles from the rest of the machine; moreover, in the double blade version, with the machine set at idle, the handle can rotate by 180° so enabling the operator to also work easily on the sides of the hedges. Maximum safety is guaranteed by a patented automatic breaking device which is activated when the accelerator is released, causing the blades to come to a complete stop in less than one second, even maintaining the engine on minimum.
  • Power 1.2HP 0.9kw
  • Displacement 25.4 cm3
  • Weight 5.3 kg
  • Blade type double
  • Blade length 600 mm
  • Blade pitch 41 mm
Same as the HT27 but with a single sided blade front handle.
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