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Niwashi Promo

Niwashi Garden Tool Promo
The Niwashi Garden Shark is the best tool in the the world for clearing tangled Kikuyu grass, cutting flax, ginger, lily, cabbage trees and any fibrous, ropey stemmed plants. Cuts them like a knife through butter - all you need to do is grab a handful with one hand and slice effortlessly with the curved, razor sharp tool.
Widely used by parks maintenance companies and councils.
Serrated Stainless steel blade / Solid wooden handle / Total length 33cm

The Niwashi Traditional Japanese Garden Tool has an angled blade that cuts into the soil as you pull it towards yourself. A more comfortable and natural action, unlike Western garden tools. The sharp blade makes light work of breaking up compacted garden beds, and all weeding tasks.
This single tool replaces many tools, and is great for arthritic wrists - no twisting!
Available in RIGHT or LEFT handed
High carbon steel blade / Solid wooden handle / Total length 33cm

The Niwashi DigiDigi Multi Purpose Gardening Knife is used for planting, fibrous weeding and harvesting bulbs or root crops, such as onions or beets. The blade is slightly cupped so that you can dig with it and plant seedlings. Each blade is heat treated and 3D ground. Comes with a handy sheath so that it always by your side. Great for commercial gardeners and outdoor people.
Stainless Steel blade, heat treated & 3D ground / Solid wooden handle / Leather sheath
Immediate availability
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