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Four Stroke Oil
We stock the following oil for 4 stroke motors.
  • Briggs Stratton SAE 30 Air Cooled motor oil. Stable at high temperatures.
  • Tecumseh Oil, the same as above.
  • Plus 100 motor oil. This lubricant is made to race car specifications. It is very stable at high temperatures and is ideal for Air cooled 4 strokes.

Two Stroke Oil
We stock the following oil for 2 stroke motors.
  • Castrol Super oil suitable for Air cooled 2 strokes, at a ratio of 25 to 1.
  • Synthetic oil to be mixed at 50 to 1. This oil does not burn and makes hardly any smoke. Ideal for all two strokes with ball or roller bearings. Do NOT use this lubricant in bushed motors like Iron Horse D series, and Sea Gull Outboards.
Other Oils, additives and Greases
  • Water Blaster Oil has to be resistant to oxidisation, rust, non-foaming and emulsify in water. We have BP HLP-Z-46 which is all of these things and also has a Zinc additive to prevent wear. An alternative is multigrade motor oil which emulsifies with water.
  • Chain Bar Oil is a sticky lubricant which tends to resist being thrown off by the chain. It is also harmless to Magnesium Alloy. Considerable damage can be caused to magnesium alloy by the detergents in engine oil, by Ponga juice and by treated timber.
  • Octane Booster and Valve Lube . Gold Eagle Quantum combines the two necessary ingredients needed to emulate 96 Octane leaded petrol. Replaces lead as octane improver and valve lubricant. Approved for all 4 stroke engines requiring a higher octane rating and valve lubrication. Stops engine knock, ping, and run-on. Will not harm Oxygen sensor.
  • We have tested "O" rings and pipes in pure "Quantum" and found it to be completely harmless.
  • Economical 6mls to 1 litre of fuel. Comes in 360ml packs, enough for 15 US gallons or 60 litres.
  • Petrol Additive is available to prevent synthetic and unleaded fuels from going stale. Synthetic fuel has a short shelf life when mixed with oil, not more than 5 weeks. Adding a little STA-BIL to the fuel will keep it fresh. STA-BIL comes in small measuring containers and in 4 litre containers.
  • Straight gear Oil for bronze wheel gear box's, as used in Rotovators and some Mowers, i.e. Rotamower and Stevens. Hypoid Extreme pressure gear oil is to be avoided with bronze gears as it will corrode them. It is suitable for Differentials and Gear boxes in most cars and trucks where the gears are steel. Straight gear oil is almost odourless, Hypoid oil smells of burned Garlic.

The illustration on the right is a Hypoid crown wheel and pinion. Note that the pinion is below the centre line, this makes a lower floor line possible, but increases the sliding action on the teeth thus requiring a tougher lubricant. The illustration above is a bronze wheel and worm as used in most cultivators and some commercial mowers. They are also to be found in older Peugeot cars and very big trucks. 
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