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There are a number of things we can do for you during Level 1 -
1/ If you have any items I can fix for you over the phone, please call me on 0800MOWERS.
If I don't answer, send me a text "Call me please" and I will call you. DO NOT leave a message & if you have blocked caller ID please add phone number to text.
2/ Our E Store is fully functional for the dispatch of over 10,000 parts, accessories, garden hand tools, and some machinery.
You can browse  & order from this shop at with contactless Door to door delivery in under 5 days - could be less - (courier & processing can be a bit slow at the moment)  from time of payment of order.
3/ During Level 1, our workshops will be open for service. We are offering a COLLECTION & DELIVERY SERVICE for all repairs (This service is FREE on repairs valued over $300 & within a 15 km radius of either shop.)
In order to receive this offer YOU MUST use this booking form. YOU CAN BOOK HERE
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