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Introducing the NEW 525 PT5S Pole Saw!
A robust Pole Saw with telescopic tube.
Developed for demanding work by professional contractors and skilled land owners, the 327PT5S Pole Saw makes it easy to reach dense trees and bushes without using a ladder or cherry picker. Features low weight, good balance, rear-mounted engine, slim cutter head with adjustable and automatic chain lubrication.
PLUS points 525P5x Pole Saw
  • Well priced
  • Comes with balance flex harness that no other brand offers. Flexible suspension to reduce stress on arms in all working positions.
  • Well proven engine and saw attachment.
  • Mechanically simpler
  • 1 kg lighter
  • Can be used at 2.3m or 3.9m total length
  • Suitable saw and hedge trimmer (recommend only at 2.3m length)
137 Wairau Road GLENFIELD
Gardening Aids Limited
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