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How to use Jora Compost Drum
Congratulations on purchasing your Jora composter.
Composting is an easy way to return organic matter to the soil. It conditions the soil and improves plant growth.
The private household can really contribute to creating a better solution to the current problem of waste disposal by composting with the Jora composters "JK 125/270".
By composting, you will help to reduce the amount of household waste going to landfill sites, and also reduce your own waste disposal costs.
For easy use of your JK 125/270 composter:
In the kitchen:
Keep a measured waste container (1 kg/2kg/3kg etc). This will tell you how much waste you have, and will help you avoid overfilling the composter's daily capacity of 1,4-1,7 litre/day for the JK 125 and 3,5-4,3 litre/day for the JK 270.
When you are sorting your kitchen waste, only add what you are sure is compostable. If you are hesitant about anything, don't put it in!
Cut meat into small pieces, cut potatoes and fruit into four parts, crumble up bread, tear tea bags, and tear egg cartons into small pieces. Cut flower stalks into 4-5 cm pieces.

Tips & Tricks
Handy Accessories
A bucket with a lid, for keeping dry sawdust or wood pellets.
A three-fingered garden rake with 25cm handle will be useful for breaking up lumps and hard bits in the compost, which is necessary should they form.
Positioning - Indoors or Outdoors?
Where you position your JK125/270 is simply a case of practicality. If it is outside, remember to consider the following:
That it is situated within easy reach of your kitchen regardless of weather conditions.
That the containers position is protected somewhat from extreme cold wind conditions (wind chill). A fenced area or surrounding bushes both make ideal locations.
A roof over the area makes it easier to fill the unit, as well as preventing heavy rain from seeping into the container.
Please bear in mind that if you wish to use the compost produced from your JK 270 to grow vegetables for consumption, you must not add anything to the unit that will pollute the compost.


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