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Flymo Gardening Equipment by Husqvarna


Flymo TL350 & 400 
Electric Mowers.
1400/1500 watt. Ideal for medium to large sized lawns. Powerful motor to tackle the toughest grass conditions. Floats on a cushion of air and cuts easily in any direction. Recycles the grass back into the lawn with frequent mowing.
  • Engine Type: Electric Motor
  • Power: 1400W (TL350) 1500W (TL400)
  • Cutting System: Metal Blade
  • Blade Length: 35cm (TL350) 40cm (TL400)
  • Cutting Width: 35cm
  • Cutting Heights: 5 (15-41) mm
Flymo Samurai 1000 Trimmer.
Powerful electric trimmer for clearing overgrown areas quickly and easily. Well balanced for comfortable use. Hi-torque cutting system for tough conditions. Heavy duty twin line cutting system. Designed for balanced easier handling. "Tap n Go" for quick line feed.

  • Power: 1000W
  • Cutting Width: 35cm
  • Cord Diameter: 2mm
  • Length of Cord: 10m
  • Feed Mechanism: Bump
  • Type of Shaft: Bent
  • Number of Line Exits: 2
Hand cylinder Mower
A quality push mower with Swedish steel blades.
Exercise and cut the grass at the same time!
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