How to look after your Electric Lawn Mower

Some basic maintenance, and correct operating procedure will reduce the stress and problems that go with owning an Electric Lawn Mower.


Always wear shoes or boots. Do NOT wear jandals or slippers. Wear safety glasses. Always use an RCD (Residual Current Detector) in your power point. This will prevent you from being electrocuted in the event of you cutting the cord or other mishap. Always secure the extension cord to the support bracket on the handles. No weight must be on the power cord. Do NOT use the mower in wet conditions. If you cut the cord switch the power off at the wall socket before touching it. Do not use a 10amp extension cord longer than 25 metres to avoid voltage drop.

Starting procedure Electric mower.

Plug extension cord into mower and attached to the support bracket, plug RCD into wall socket followed by the extension cord. Switch on wall switch. Make sure that the blade is free from any obstruction and grass, and extension cord is away from it. The switch normally has a button which has to be held in when switching on. The switch lever then has to be depressed and kept in all the time. Induction motors have very little torque on start up. The blade must be clear of the grass, you can tip the machine backwards to achieve this. If an induction motor buzzes when trying to start do not persevere, you will damage the motor. The starting capacitor has probably failed and you should bring it to us for repair

Stopping the motor.

Let go the switch lever. Do NOT leave the machine unattended with the extension cord attached and also switch of at the wall.

Settings and procedure.

Do not mow lower then necessary, bad for the grass and hard on the mower. If you are not using a catcher, make sure that the flap is down, or that you have a deflector fitted. A number of machines are mulching mowers. Avoid tree roots and stones, they can bend the blade, shaft, also break the drive belt, if fitted.

Basic maintenance.

Air Filter

Most Electric mowers have coarse sponge air filters. These must be kept clean to prevent overheating. Blades should be kept sharp, and the condition of the insulated blade bolt observed. Keep power cords in good condition. Inspect sockets for overheating.

Oil and lubrication. Only the wheels, if they are bushed, and control joints need a drop of oil now and again.

Vibration and Hover Mowers

Because hover mowers float on air they are unable to have any vibration absorbed by the ground. The vibration will build up and eventually destroy the machine. Make sure that the blade is balanced, and the fan wheel has all its vanes and is not cracked

Battery Powered Mowers

There are several battery powered mowers available. Some, like the Enviromower, have a 24volt DC lead acid battery. Some other makes have a Lithium battery. The Lithium battery charges quicker, does not deteriorate by being kept discharged, and has a better power to weight ratio. It is more expensive as a rule.

  • Blade conditions are the same as on other electric mowers.
  • Keep the battery charged.
  • Only use the charger supplied with the machine.
  • Keep the machine clean, and out of the rain.