All about Shredders and Chippers

There are two basic types of shredder or chipper.

  • The Flail type which has swinging flails which beat the material through a screen. This usually has a separate chipping blade to deal with larger material.
  • The Chipper-Chopper type which uses knives to cut the material & does not use a screen.

The Flail type is usually more expensive than the chipper type.

General rules to follow when shredding or chipping.

  • Do NOT attempt to shred vines, flax, cabbage trees, or any stringy material. It will wrap around the shaft & cause considerable damage to the machine.
  • Keep the knives sharp. Some knives can be turned, presenting a fresh cutting edge.  
  • Clean out the machine after use. Ensure that there is no debris under the chute which will prevent the safety switch from closing.
  • Check for vibration. Excessive vibration can cause the machine to disintegrate.
  • Always wear ear muffs & goggles.
  • Do NOT overfeed as a clogged machine can be difficult to clear.
  • Do NOT operate the machine on concrete, this increases the vibration. Grass or soft earth is best.