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Chipper shredders 
Bio 50 H is fitted with a 5.5hp Honda

The Bio Shredder Bio 50 H is fitted with a 5.5hp Honda GC50 petrol engine .The shredding system consists of a blade for rough cutting material and of moving hammers for fine shredding.The shredding size of material and compost can be adjusted with a screen.The shredded organic material is transformed naturally into a substance rich in protein that can be used as a fertiliser.

Bio 80 chipper shredder with Honda 9HP

  • Clutch drive for easy starting.
  • Robustly built with belt drive to shredder. 
  • Dual processing system - flail shredder & screen system handles dirty garden waste, leaves & hedge clippings   quickly and without the dirt damaging the chipper blades.
  • Shredder feeds out through a screen which produce a superior composting material. Release lever on screen makes it easy to clear the screen without stopping the engine.
  • Heavy duty flail/system means that this machine can process a wide range of difficult material such as palm fronds, bark, sweetcorn etc. (Flax & cabbage tree leaves are better disposed of elsewhere)
  • Separate chipper blade system chips wood up to 80mm dia. Large chute makes it easy to feed in branches.
  • Big horsepower engine means great performance
  • Costs a bit more
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