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Allen Model 446, 453 Hover Mowers
The hover mower glides easily on a cushion of air, allowing movement in any direction, much quicker than conventional wheeled machines. Excellent performance, great power to weight ratio, easy start and very durable.
  • Honda GC135 4-Stroke Engine specially developed for the demands of continuous inclined use.
  • Pumped Fuel - Ensures smooth fuel delivery on the toughest inclined jobs.
  • "Dual Lube" Dipper - The Honda "dual lube" dipper and cam belt oil transport system maintains lubrication for the most demanding slopes.
  • Honda Trusted Reliability with minimisation of complexity and very low engine component count afforded by the "uniblock" combined barrel and head design, 45o split crank case and overhead valve belt driven system.
  • Power to Weight Ratio - Excellent power to weight ratio comparable to 2-stroke but with the advantage of 4-stroke.
Allen Hover 446 Mower Details
  • 135cc Honda GCV135 4 Stroke Engine
  • 3300 RPM
  • Width of Cut 46cm
  • Height of Cut 18-30mm
  • Weight 17.6Kgs
  • 45o Working angle
  • FlexiBladeā„¢ Disc Cutting System

Allen Hover 453 Professional Mower Details
  • 160cc Honda GCV160 4-Stroke Engine
  • Width of Cut 53cm
  • Height of Cut 14-32mm
  • Weight 19Kg
  • Metal Bar Blade Cutting System
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