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CAN'T FIND THE PART IN THE ONLINE SHOP? Then let us try to find what you are after.

The staff at Gardening Aids Limited are highly experienced, with its top three Employees having over 100 years experience in the outdoor powered equipment industry. With the advent of the Internet, inquiries for old, often difficult to find, non stocked & DIY parts is now in epidemic proportions. Each inquiry can take up to half an hour to research and we have no choice but to filter inquiries from non- regular customers.
If you require parts this is what you need to do-
1/ If you are in the Auckland area AND you purchased the machine from us please call or text 0800 MOWERS to check on probable availability and price
2/  Otherwise, please fill out the email below & your inquiry will be attended to within two business days.
If <<field OTHER>> shows that the machine is a non agency brand or <<field AGE>> READS OVER 10 years you need to go to the PayPal payment and and pay a non refundable $20 finders fee, 50% of this is credited towards any purchase made.

Under 10 years old
Over 10 years old

Additional information
CALL OUR INFOLINE +64 0800-6693748
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