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Lawn Grooming Equipment.
Model 45-0388
This push type lawn spreader is great for the smaller lawns (up to 1/2 acre), is easy to use and comes with heavy duty pneumatic wheels for increased manoeuvrability.
Also featuring:
  • rust proof and durable poly hopper
  • spreader grate
  • easy flow control lever action
  • spread width 3.0m (10')
  • comfortable handle grip
  • 10" x 4" pneumatic tyres
  • 40kg capacity approx 2,000 sq m.

Model 45-0329
This towed lawn fertiliser spreader is great for larger lawns and small lifestyle blocks; they are great value and will help keep your small paddocks in tip-top condition.
  • heavy duty 15" x 6" pneumatic tyres and ball bearing wheels
  • 3.6m (12') spread width
  • spreader grate and vinyl cover for bin
  • durable poly hopper - rust resistant
  • easy to reach flow control lever
  • 80kg capacity - approx. 4,000 sq m coverage
Allowing water, sunlight and nutrients easy access to the grass and roots, maintains and enhances the look of your lawn.
And this unique multi-functional tool offers all the advantages of a drop spreader and aerator!
  • hopper capacity of 65l (dry), approx 80kgs
  • rust proof poly hopper
  • 1.1m controlled spread and aeration width
  • galvanised metal agitator
  • adjustable penetration/application rates
Towed Lawn Sweeper
For easy pick up of grass clippings, leaves and other lawn debris
A simple pull on the rope, while seated on your ride on makes dumping a full catcher load a breeze.
  • High Brush to wheel ratio,
  • Semi-pneumatic tyres with excellent
  • traction
  • Rope dump mechanism from your seat
  • Infinite height adjustment
  • 42" Sweeping width
  • Supplied flat packed
Poly push/tow rollers
Manufactured of lightweight poly propylene to give durable construction allowing for easy transport or storage - whether you need to tackle uneven ground or pack down newly sown seed or lawn.
  • Built in scraper blade to prevent a build up of soil or wet grass on the roller.
  • The poly lawn rollers use inner baffles for support and extra strength.
  • The units are lightweight when empty and are easy to store.
  • Weighted by filling with water from your garden hose using the unique 'pull tag' drain plug.
  • 45-0267 Poly Roller 600mm - 450mm diameter - empty 20kg weight - filled 110kg weight - suitable to push and tow (illustration 1)
  • 45-0268 Poly Roller 900mm - 450mm diameter - empty 23kg weight - filled 180kg weight - suitable for towing only
Commercial Grade
More suitable for life style blocks with larger areas & faster towing speed
45-0216 Steel Roller 1200mm - 600mm diameter - empty 35kg weight - filled 400kg weight - suitable for towing only

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