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Jora 5100 Commercial

JORA 5100...

These are currently being installed in hotels, golf clubs, restaurants and colleges all over the world. For any company looking for ways to reduce their waste costs, there is nothing as effective as a food waste digester.
The Final Solution for Waste Management Strategy Submissions
More and more property developers are waking up to the wisdom of including residential recycling centres in their construction plans. They represent a competitive advantage, as well as providing a means for people to help the environment. We supply complete integrated waste management systems housed in a purpose-built recycling building for the management of:
  • Food waste
  • Cardboard
  • Plastics
  • Steel/aluminium tins/cans/drums
  • Glass bottles/jars
A state-of-the-art system comprising an industrial food waste digester, plus a glass crusher, can crusher, plastics shredder and cardboard compactor, all housed inside a purpose built recycling building, can process the household waste of an entire housing estate or apartment block.
Using Best Recycling Practice with the Jora 5100, you may eliminate all bin services.
Turns cooked and uncooked food waste into useable compost in less than 6 weeks on an ongoing continual basis.
Suitable for:
  • up to 80apartments
  • up to 45 houses
  • hotels/restaurants
  • canteens
  • schools/colleges/nursing homes, golf clubs etc.

Each digester is capable of processing over 20 tonnes of organic waste per year (50-60kgs daily, average).
The biological activity of composting within the digester reduces the VOLUME of waste by up to 90%, resulting in pure compost every 4-6 weeks.
Environmental Policy
An important part of our environmental policy is to develop products that can be manufactured from recycled or recyclable material. The Jora 5100 receptacles are made of 100% recycled household plastic containers. All wearing parts are replaceable for optimal working life. Grow Green Products Jora 5100 is constructed mainly of stainless steel. It also has a programmable unit fitted, which can easily be adjusted to handle various different types of organic waste.
Overview of the Jora 5100.
A Hygienic Twin Chamber Flow-Through System.
Food waste is put down a chute at the front of the machine. The Jora 5100 supports the naturally occurring micro-organisms that decompose food waste by automatic aeration and rotation. Each chamber is equipped with its own mixing system. You place your waste food in the first chamber where it is automatically shredded, wood pellets are added automatically to aid absorption and as a carbon source to aid the composting process, and is then passed on to the first composting chamber where mechanical arms periodically rotate to draw air into the waste to aid the aerobic process and prevent the build-up of dangerous gasses such as methane. The waste spends two weeks in this chamber where from the natural heat of the process, temperatures can reach 65 degrees centigrade, killing bacteria and leaving the compost inactive and ready for use. The contents are then passed on to the ripening chamber which further breaks down the waste resulting in a dry fine ready to use compost.
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