Before you buy another mower or chainsaw, READ THIS.


Sick of buying cheap garden tools, mowers and chainsaws from the big box stores? Do you have to wrestle with a poorly translated instruction book, only to find you have nuts and bolts left over at the end? :-/ Somehow you work it out (after spending a couple of hours on Google). At first, it goes great, then just after the warranty expires, so does your machine. You try to take it back for service - and guess what, they send you to us! Whereupon we will do our best, at your cost, however our best advice is quite often to just 'bin it'.


Save yourself all this hassle - we are experts in finding you the right tool for your property and your budget. And you'll get it fully assembled, fuelled, oiled, 15% discount on accessories at time of purchase, and most of our machines come with a FREE 5 YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY*, as long as you bring it in for its annual service with us (...and you even get a super cheap service rate just for showing us a bit of love.) We'll even show you how to use it properly, and how to get the very best out of your machine for many years to come.


We've been doing this for 40 years, and we still love it.

You'll be glad you saw us last.


*Special conditions apply.



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'From Robin's Desk'

We appreciate the support that our many customers have given us over the past year by taking the time to visit our store or give us a call to buy product from us.


By doing so they have helped to keep us in business and the money being spent in New Zealand. This allows Gardening Aids to continue to contribute in excess of half a million dollars of tax revenue into the Government coffers every year.


This money, in turn, enables them to fund the infrastructure that makes New Zealand such a great place to live in. We have come up with a selection of the most popular items this year at special Christmas prices. Just shop at our stores, or go to our online shop for shopping convenience and free delivery in the Auckland area.



Robin Humphreys

Proprietor Gardening Aids Ltd

Husqvarna is pleased to announce the launch of the first models in the new generation of Riders: R120C, R220T and R322TAWD. These models replace the R13/R16, R18 and R15TSAWD respectively and are available to order today via weborder or your Area Manager.

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Check out the latest Husqvarna Ride-ons for 2014
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  • 163cc Honda OHC engine
  • 50.5cm cutting deck
  • Air cushion mowing: for use on slopes up to 45 degrees


3 inch Chipper/Shredder - Model SC3206 is built to handle the job!

Solid, welded construction, strong motor mounts, large loading hoppers and large chipper chutes are some of the features you'll come to appreciate with this line of mid and full sized chipper/shredders.


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An amazing thing happened last week.

My son wanted to borrow a chainsaw, and the only one I had was an old Echo 302 which was last used in 2006 ..................


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Heavy Duty Generators

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Consider the advantages of a Cordless Electric Mower


  • No starting problems.
  • Always ready to go.
  • No fuel on the premises.
  • No extension cord to cut or tangle.
  • Quieter than a petrol powered mower.
  • No fumes.
  • Very little maintenance.
  • No fuel to go stale.


For more information on a range of cordless machines go here!


  • 52cc 2.2kW
  • Solidly built with aluminium crank case & alloy left handle
  • automatic oiling, side tensioning
  • 18" Bar with .325 Oregan chain
  • Industry's best warranty - 2 year full warranty & 10 year engine short-block & ignition module warranty
  • Imported by Gardening Aids, made in China by Dinyi who manufacture over half a million machines a year.
"A lot of chainsaw for the price"